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世界杯预选赛比赛时间 company is dedicated to protecting y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy when you visit or communicate with 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site or personnel.
the privacy policy offered here, along with 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 terms of use offers an explanation regarding any personal data you may provide to us or that we garner from you.
the policy is changed occasionally to update you regarding any changes, so please make sure you review the privacy policy.
[世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data controller is (sugar & ice) for purposes of the data protection act of 1998.]
1. data and information collected
to operate 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website it is essential to collect or process certain data, such as the following:
1.1 information regarding y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 visits to 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website, any res世界杯预选赛比赛时间 ces you used such as traffic data, location data, weblogs, and any communication data (these items are included, but not limited to those specified).
1.2 forms filled out on 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website allow us to collect information about you regarding registration or purchases you make.
1.3 any data collected from communications to us from you, for any reason.
2. how we use cookies

it is possible that we may gather information regarding y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 computer for 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 services. this collection of data is used for statistical analysis about 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website for use by us or 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 advertisers.

any information shared will not identify who you are, but rather be mathematical data about 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 visitors and their use on 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site. the data does not give out any personal details.

cookies may be used to gather this general internet data. when used, cookies are downloaded to y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 computer without prompting. the cookie file is stored on y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 hard drive, where files are transferred. this information helps us improve 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site and services to you.

all computers can block cookies by activating proper browser settings. there is a place to enable you to decline cookies under the options menu. please note if you decline cookies you may experience limited access to certain areas of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site.

advertisers can use cookies, which we do not control. if cookies are used they will be downloaded if you click on any advertisement we have on this site.

3. information use

any information collected and stored regarding you is to enable us to offer better services to you. we may also use the data collected for the following:

3.1 we may use data you provided in order to offer you information you asked for from 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site, in direct relation to 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 services or products. we may also send information on products we feel might interest you, as long as you have consented to such communications.
3.2 any commitments we made to you may require use of y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 information, used only to fulfil y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 request.

3.3 we may use y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 information to explain any changes 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website has undergone such as structural or service/ product modifications, which could affect 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 service to you.

3.4 an existing customer may require contact regarding goods or services that were a subject of an earlier sale.

3.5 we may use y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data or allow third parties to use the data, in order to give you information about unrelated goods or services you may find of interest. we may contact you about these services or goods if you consented to the contact.

3.6 a new customer may be contacted by us or a third party if you have consented to such communication.

3.7 if you do not wish communication from 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website or a third party you will be given the opportunity to decline said communication. we will not allow y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 information collected while you were on 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site to be used by us or a third party if the consent is withheld.

3.8 please understand that we do not share information that is going to identify you to 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 advertisers. however, on occasion we may provide them with statistics about 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site’s visitors.

4. personal data storage

4.1 it is possible that we may collect transfer data from you regarding locations outside of the european economic area. this information is used for storing and processing. it may be processed by staff outside the european economic area, by a company who works for us or a supplier we have. an example is where we may process and conclude y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 order by using payment details or offering support services. you have agreed to this communication by processing and finalising y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 order. at any time you provide personal data, you agree to a transfer for processing and storage. we take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the data transfer in agreement with this privacy policy.

4.2 data you provide us with will be stored on secure servers. any transaction details will be encrypted to provide you safety.

4.3 transmission of data via the internet is never completely secure, thus a guarantee of data sent electronically or transmitted cannot be given. information offered is therefore at y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 own risk. if given a password or chosen to obtain a password, you can access the secure section, requiring the password to remain confidential by you, as y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 responsibility.

5. sharing y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 information

5.1 if applicable, we may share y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 personal information to any group member. this will include subsidiaries or holding companies we may work with, as well as their subsidiaries if any.
5.2 personal information may be shared with third parties:
5.2.1 if we sell part or all of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 business or assets we may share personal information to a third party.
5.2.2 when legally requested, we may share y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 information.
5.2.3 fraud protection and to minimise credit risk may require a sharing of y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 information.

6. third party links
third party links to websites on 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 website are not included in 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy policy. you will need to check their privacy policy regarding data. we do not accept liability or responsibility for third party links and their privacy policies.

7. information access
the data protection act 1998 provides you with rights to access any information we may collect and store about you. if you wish to have access to this information it may be subject to a £10 payment fee, used to cover 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 costs regarding the information you requested. if you wish to access this data please provide contact details below.

8. contacting us
we are happy to receive any queries, comments, or requests you may have regarding 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy policy. feel free and do not hesitate to use the following email to contact us: ()

cookie usage
what are cookies?
cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 computer, smartphone or other device for accessing the internet, whenever you visit a website. cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device. cookies are used for a variety of reasons, such as to determine user preferences, let users navigate between pages efficiently, verify the user, enable online shopping facilities and generate website visitor statistics.

we use cookies on 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 site to create the most secure and effective website possible for 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 customers. the cookies we use are completely safe and secure. this cookie policy explains what cookies are, how we use them and what benefits they bring.

世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookies do not store personal information such as y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 name, address, telephone number or email address. we do not share any information gathered through cookies. the cookies we use cannot look into y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 computer, smartphone or web-enabled device and obtain information about you or y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 family or read any material kept on y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 hard drive.

more information about cookies can be found on and

cookies used on this website:
the cookie phpsessid is used to maintain a user’s browser session.

we use google’s analytics website monitoring tools to gather useful data for this website, including the number of visitors per-day and the google search queries that led visitors to the website. no personal data is collected or stored within these cookies. the following google-generated cookies are present within this website:

this website makes use of the addthis social sharing application, enabling quick and easy sharing of web content across social networks such as facebook and linkedin. the following cookies are served from the addthis domain to enable this functionality:

how to manage y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookies
most web browsers are set up to accept cookies by default. you can change y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookie preferences through y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 browser settings.

how to change y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookies preferences

on y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 pc
internet explorer
1. go to “tools” and then “internet options”
2. click on the privacy tab
3. use the slider to change y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookie settings to how you want them. a description of each setting will appear next to each option.
mozilla firefox
1. go to “tools” and then “internet options”
2. click on the privacy icon
3. change the history settings to set y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 browser to reject all cookies, or to tailor y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookie settings to how you want them.
google chrome
1. click on the spanner and select “settings”, which will open in a new tab
2. on the left hand side, select “under the hood”
3. click “content settings” under “privacy”
4. choose y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 preferred option in the cookies menu

on an apple mac
internet explorer 5 (macos x)
1. choose preferences from explorer menu
2. select receiving files options
3. select cookies
4. choose y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 preferred settings
1. choose preferences from the edit menu.
2. select privacy & security, then select cookies.
3. choose y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 preferred settings.
safari 1.0 (macos x)
1. choose preferences from safari menu
2. select security icon
3. cookie settings are shown in window
4. choose y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 preferred settings
1. go to opera in the main menu and select preferences (or press alt+p to access them directly)
2. select privacy
1. go to “settings” and then select “safari”
2. click on “privacy”, where you will be able to change y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookie settings
1. go to “settings” and then select “safari”
2. click on “privacy”, where you will be able to change y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 cookie settings
samsung galaxy
1. in the internet browser, open the menu and select “more”
2. choose “settings”
3. scroll down to “privacy”, and then click to accept or reject cookies, or to clear cookie data

all other mobile devices

all other mobile devices please consult the device owner’s manual.



jsj projects ltd. general privacy policy

at jsj projects ltd. (t/a sugar & ice) y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy is very important to us, which is why we limit the information we ask of you, limit the time we store information and do 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 best to store y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data securely. this privacy policy has been updated in order to correspond with the introduction of gdpr in may 2018, the policy is subject to change occasionally and so we advise all 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 customers to regularly check 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy policy. this privacy policy covers all of jsj projects ltd.’s customers, including those who purchase via sugar & ice.


data and information collected

the different types of data and information the company collects includes (please note this is not an exhaustive list):

for customer orders – name, telephone number, email address, home address, and payment details (credit/debit card information)

customer marketing data – name, email, telephone number, date of birth or wedding, other subscription information including preferences, date of consent, and date of revoked consent

cctv – to maintain the safety of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 customers and employees all of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 stores record cctv footage

customer payment data – to process orders and transactions the company is required to process payment data

interviewee / candidate data – candidate’s name, address, date of birth, employment and educational history are provided by job applicants

data storage

all data which the company collects is stored either in secured physical or digital areas for a limited time to ensure that data is not unnecessarily held.

customer orders – both electronic and hard copies of information on customer orders will be held securely for a maximum of thirteen months post collection date of order. occasionally the company may hold copies of customer orders for a longer period of time, this information will be held until it is deemed as acceptable to destroy. the company destroys and properly disposes of hard copies of customer orders and deletes electronic data after the above period.

customer marketing data – initial hard copies of customer data may be stored for up to six months, in which time they will be transferred onto electronic files and drives. if the company does not contact you within 6 – 9 months, it will be assumed y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 consent has been revoked and therefore y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data will be removed until consent is provided again.

cctv data – stored locally and only accessible with authorised access, the files are overridden on a frequent basis and only transferred onto secured drives should the company feel the footage is required for security purposes. local authorities (e.g. police) may be provided with access to cctv footage if required.

payment data – employees are trained to never write down or repeat payment information, in the unlikely event that this should happen the company will dispose of the information securely as soon as possible. payment data is inputted into 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 payment gateways and processed by their systems.

interviewee data – hard and electronic copies of interviewee data will be held on file in order for the company to reconsider applicants, if you wish for y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data to be removed you must notify the team during the interview.

data security

at jsj projects we understand that y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy and data security is very important, the details below provide examples of the efforts the company goes to in order to protect y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 privacy. all hard copies of data will be held securely in authorised areas and locked cupboards/storage spaces. all electronic data is kept on secured drives and computers where access is limited using password / passcode authorisation (employees are enc世界杯预选赛比赛时间 aged to update these regularly).

customer orders – employees may ask for confirmation of id when you are discussing a pre-existing order. expired orders will be shredded and disposed of properly, before this point orders will be held securely in areas which are not accessible by the public. all electronic data is secured using passwords which are be regularly updated, employees are kept aware of the importance of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 customer’s data security.

customer marketing data – physical data is secured as above. electronic data is stored with information including date of consent provided and revoked, in line with gdpr regulations.

cctv – access to cctv files is limited to a few, authorised employees using regularly updated passwords and passcodes.

payment data – the payment data which we receive is limited by using payment solutions (including online secure systems). the company regularly requests confirmation that these providers are gdpr compliant. most credit/debit card receipts printed contain a small number of details regarding a transaction, receipts of this kind are kept for the purpose of financial accounts and business records and may be kept securely for up to ten years post transaction.

interviewee data – held securely as mentioned above.

data breach

jsj projects ltd. will continually review its data protection, this includes taking the steps mentioned above to train employees, reviewing how data is stored and secured. should a data breach occur within the company, the following steps will be completed (please note that dpo stands for data protection office and ico refers to the information commissioner’s office):

data breach happens

member of jsj projects ltd. discovers the data breach

member notifies their line manager or the company’s dpo immediately

the company’s dpo tries to understand what data has been lost, who will be affected, the risks of the breach, when the breach was likely to have happened and how.

the company’s dpo will then call the ico within 72 h世界杯预选赛比赛时间 s of discovering the data breach.

the ico will log the breach and will decide whether a formal investigation is required.

jsj projects ltd. will do their best to notify individuals who the breach may have affected as soon as possible, making them aware of the breach and the risks involved.

should the ico decide to complete a full investigation, jsj projects ltd. will urge all team members to provide full support to the investigation.

whether the ico decide to complete an investigation, jsj projects ltd. will undergo their own investigation in order to determine what caused the data breach, how the data can be returned and the company will use this to increase their data security in the future.

as mentioned above, jsj projects ltd. will continue to work to enc世界杯预选赛比赛时间 age strong data security, if you feel that someone is acting suspiciously when handling data or asking probing questions with regards to the company’s data security, you are enc世界杯预选赛比赛时间 age to notify the dpo as soon as possible.

sharing data

in order to operate effectively and efficiently, jsj projects ltd. may share some data with relevant third parties, businesses and solution providers. for example, website enquiries will be passed through 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 developer’s hosting platform, automated emails may be sent via a solution provider and y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 customer information may be stored on 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 epos system. any of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data processors will be regularly audited to ensure they are gdpr compliant.

subject access requests and right to erasure

a subject access request (sar) is the right to receive a copy of all the data which a company holds on you. this request is legally required to be actioned within 30 days and is a free service. if you feel you would like to submit a sar to jsj projects ltd. you can do so my contacting the company’s data protection officer, their details can be found at the bottom of this privacy policy. if you submit a subject access request you will be asked to provide a current proof of address and photographic id (dated within three months) to ensure y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 data is shared with you and you only. once you have submitted the access request the company will gather all of the information, notifying you once this is complete and providing you with copies subject to you providing the correct identification.

y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 right to erasure lies within requesting the data which the company holds on you is deleted from their records. the company is legally required to remove this data from their records. please note, the right to erasure does not apply to physical documents, only electronic data, therefore the company is well within its rights to hold physical data after a right to erasure request. the company is required to record all subject access requests and right to erasure requests, this information may be stored electronically but will be limited information including name, date of request, date actioned.

important contact

jsj projects ltd.’s data protection officer

name:  debbie bass

contact address: 3-5 cyril st, leicester, le32ff

contact number: 0116 263 0846