treat someone special! choose a gift voucher to use against any item, or c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se in store. or a gift voucher for one of 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 amazing cake decorating and sugarcraft c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 ses. 

please note: gift vouchers can only be redeemed in store, not via 世界杯预选赛比赛时间 online shop.

gift vouchers are valid for one year from purchase, you can have y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 vouchers posted out to you or collect in store, please make a note of y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 preference when ordering. 

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vouchers are non-refundable, non-transferable and have no cash value. they can be purchased for a specific c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se or alternatively purchased in multiples of £5. vouchers can be collected in store or posted to y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 uk address. the same terms still apply for c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 ses when being purchased via voucher which are: c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se times may vary depending on experience levels and learning speeds within the class. the equipment provided to complete c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 ses are the property of sugar & ice, the sole purpose of this equipment is for the completion of this c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se and will not be given away to attendees upon completion of the c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se. however should you wish to purchase any new equipment, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on these items on the day of y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se only (this discount excludes any additional payment required for y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se). the c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 ses are all booked on a first come, first served basis. customers are required to pay a 50% deposit to secure a place on any c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se, payments include credit/debit cards, cash and gift vouchers. should cancellation of a c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se booking be required you may lose part of, or all of, y世界杯预选赛比赛时间 c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se fees paid. cancellations up to two weeks before the c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se start date will be refunded in full (less booking fees), you may reschedule a c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se as opposed to cancellation at no charge. cancellations up to one week of the c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se start date will lose 50% of their deposit or switch to an alternate c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se for an additional £10. cancellations within 1 week of the c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se will be payable in full. we endeav世界杯预选赛比赛时间 to never cancel c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 ses, however in some circumstances we cannot run a c世界杯预选赛比赛时间 se with less than 2 attendees therefore sometimes it is necessary.